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Crock talking guff...  blah... cr*p...

2nd December 2009

Crocks Ride

I'm not uspet - you b*st*rds!

Rushed home, having been allowed / been priviliged to command the gathering outside our normal meeting place. I was already under stress and that become worse cos no one was there. Eventually four set off in wind and rain and cold towards the Maenllwyd. My small band, because of their loyalty were treated to fine beer at my personal expense.

Feeling rejected and low in spirits, I reflected upon the lack of support and realised that I should have sent e-mail messages requesting members' presence. This I did on my laptop at the Maenllwyd and the Christmas Fairy produced immediate success. Scores of members who mistakenly went to The Forge suddenly appeared.

Relief was noted in my face and the planned ride was back on track. Onwards to the Friendly Fox via the off-road route towards Cefn Mably. I did suggest a detour to the Farmers Daughter where I could see welcoming lights. The Baker assured me this was a mirage. However he will arrange for hot mulled wine to be served at a future date. Refreshment taken at the Fox with my determination to avoid too much pleasure we soon left for the Rhiwderin Inn.

This venue caused a split in the ranks with Schlong (Binney Ryan) insisting on an ascent to the mast via Five Lanes. A final descent via the see-saw run would see us back at H.Q.

Some decided to stay and discuss this idea and I felt obliged to supervise the discussion. This took longer than anticipated because the bar maid at the Rhiwderin kept serving lager tasting of cider. Obviously that required further investigation.

Sometime later, after failing to resolve the issue and in view of time constraints, we felt it necessary to return direct to Machen via the road route.

All arrived back for food at the same time in accordance with my cunning plan.


P.S. Why did Scrippsy kepp laughing when I saw him in the Spar on Thursday?

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