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Captain Knottwit - At last, some intelligence

4th March 2009

Ride leader: Pealy

Notable absences – none all the popular people in the club were there.

Other absences were, Johnsy, Enzo, Scrippsy, Wrighty, Roger, Gypo & Ade

Also absent were, Gaz, Beaker & Chrissy – Note the riding ability of these three individuals!!! I have it on good authority that private phone calls were made, with the conversation going along the lines of "It’s only Pealy’s ride, wont be much Kop", "I know I am not going either", "think I will give it a miss too" – thanks lads, your loss, as the general consensus was it is an early contender for ride of the year, according to ……………Er………Mmm…………argh………..well…….. ME.

23 riders set off at 6.45, welcome back to O.B.E and Budgie.

I have to own up boys, I did have some help with the route and yes it has been in the making for some time. I have been in negotiations with the local Pro and trail building expert Mr. Rowing So’Well, and with his guidance and help from the Forestry Commission the route has actually been put out in a Map format. It is in only in draft form at present, and Mr So’Well is waiting for feedback so the full brochure will be published for general public use.

A copy is below / link attached. Guys your feedback will be much appreciated.

As for the ride, it has to be said that I set off like a Pro, not quite a Professional but more like a Prototype – crashing on the first downhill, smacking into a tree (Ouch!!!)– great start Mr Peal. All down the back of 6 o’clock field and onto Rhyd-Y-Gwern. Onward up Ochrwyth straight to the Mast.

Some doubts from some of the riders as to the likelihood of getting the whole route done – have more faith Mr Ryan, you need to get our riding more and learn your territory.
First descent was down the bomb hole, straight down the woods and onto the trail crossing the main Chute. It may have been at this point in the ride where Russ was being yelled at by Jock, and a few others as he was slowing up proceedings on the singletrack, don’t think he moved over for them – how inconsiderate.
Back up the Bus stops track, and a mention has to go to Mr Hart for making it all the way – I believe he was the only one. Mr Ryan made a bold attempt but got blocked by someone else, who was pushing. Mr Hart had the ability to balance on his bike when he was held up, but he kept going without a dab, didn’t you Mr Hart? Take note Mr Ryan.

Up in front of the tips to the corner for a further descent down the front trail – noticing Kev being pressured by Jock, on his right and Me on his left, It was funny Kev to see you looking left, right, left, right, left, right – Crash!!! Only minor it has to be said.

Back towards Ace’s Steps and by this time it was a bit annoying with Mr McManus and Mr James going, which way Peal, is it left up the steps, we can’t go any other way, which way Peal, down here, back there – like a pair of whinging F wits.

Down to the right over Ace’s steps, and joined up with the top of Velvet Path. This tricky section was enjoyed by most I believe, not sure of any casualties, well I know I came off again – MUPPET!!!

"Which way Peal?" said Option, "How far up" said Jim, "To the See Saw" shouted someone from behind – shut up girls!!!

It was time for something new – into the fields and a straight drop over the grassy clumps, trying to stick to the sheep trail and thus allowing for extra speed. Daylight will allow a very fast descent and with a bit of clearing up of some fallen branches (Ahem!) a non stop run down to the conker trees, on route there are some natural spots for getting some air.
Along the bottom of the field leads us to the Royal Oak where a small sample of what is to come on Saturday was enjoyed – mainly by the owners, I think!
Back to HQ, where Gaz was waiting like Billy No Mate’s – serves you right for not turning up at the start!!!!

Main topic of the night was the obvious interception of the food at the Bar. Messrs Slug, Lettuce & Crock are more regularly seen retaining THEIR tray of goodies, much to the annoyance of some of the Boys, well one of the boys, No I wont tell you, Ok I will give you some clues –

2 Across – Common nickname for someone called Richard (6 letters)

1 Down – Similar surname to that of his brother, Chris Watkins (7 letters)

Answers please on a post card to The T.A. Machen closing date 10th March 2009.

Overall the challenge set by Captain Knott, after last weeks ride was at least matched with this ride and hopefully my very friendly humour is evident in both the report and the merits, which will keep you all amused until we meet again for some more Miggly Moo Frivolities on Saturday, Saturday, Saturday……. Saturday, Saturday, Saturday,……… Saturday, Saturday, Saturday nights al’right – There is a song you wanted ‘Our Mark’.

Until then

Signing out


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