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Ant's report - the 'orrible one

28th November 2009

With such bad weather we had an impressive turnout of twenty three riders for our "Fireworks" night.

The ride started with lane work due to all the single track being like Scrippys "Man Nappy" on a bad day. This led to an impromtu stop at the "Monty" in Rudry for a "Cheeky One" then up onto Rudry mountain for the "Fireworks / Manoeuvres" as we were aware of Insurgents in the area. Numerous rockets were directed over the brow to what appeared to be a skulking figure in the ferns, the aim was getting closer to the target but no direct hits.

This was a big disappointment to the herd as the Insurgent turned out to be "Beaker" sporting his new ginger Goatee, looks more of a "Tosser" emphasising his "Gingerness" YEUCH!!!!!!

"Bag of Leaves" demonstrated the "correct way" to launch the rockets although Dafydd failed to grasp such a simple technique and almost melting his face.

Onto a good downhill through the Beech trees, very slippery but expected carnage did not happen! More lane work to Lisvane woods and down another good downhill, this did produce the expected carnage with very few Moos not having a moment or a lie down.

More lane work to the "Hairybush" for another "Cheeky One" and on to the TA for a good feed and piles of it, (again).
Scrippsy or as he would like to be known as "Casanova" relaying story after story of his sexual prowess over the decades. Crocky tried to put him right by explaining "you do not need anyone with you for a good sex life", What could he mean?

Scrippsy invited us back again but the host disappeared into the darkness on his own, perhaps he was taking Crockys advice.

Thats it Folks.

Tidy Like!!!!!!!!

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