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Captain Knottwit - At last, some intelligence

11th March 2009

Ride leader & Guest Writer: Dai Eye

"Cheque is in the post.", " I won't +++ in your mouth." and " It was all rideable 5 days ago".
These are all famous lies often heard but I must admit one of them was true!
What a difference a little bit of moisture makes, that and peoples inability to ride up hill!

It was a good turn out with twenty riders braving the night's impending torture, exceptions being Gaz, Owgie, Dickie, Option, Kev, Johnsy and Bernaard.

After a little road work to the Cwm it was over the stream and a 'little' push up onto the main ascent up to the tip. Many people opted for the old method of riding a bike i.e. pushing the thing instead of turning the pedals with their feet... shame on you.It got even worse when we reached the pond and the path became a tad more grassy, Schlong made it look easy and pressed on upwards.

A quick descent off the mountain to the cattle grid and on to the lane at the top saw us stop for a little refreshment with a bottle of sherry I found in the hedge. Tom was salivating even before the cork was out of the bottle (I think he has a problem!).

Apparently Geoff (OBE) showed a select few how sheep can't cross a cattle grid. He decided to stop on the grid and if that wasn't daft enough he put his foot between the bars and fell over. He was very lucky not to have broken anything and even luckier that we weren't all there to see it. It was not long after this that Geoff bowed out with a wobbly crank (poor excuse)

There next came another decent down to Lower Ochrwyth which I don't think we have all done before. It was then up passed Castle Farm where we were greeted by a white haired wise woman and her barking pony who gave us some advice "There be Druggies up yonder path with broken glass and stuff. YOU WILL GET DAMAGED !" We should have heeded her wise words and found a pub but no we pressed on regardless up what was another hard climb and do you know what? She was actually full of sh#t ! No drugs or stuff just one puncture (the third of the night).

It was decided to cut my route short and after quelling a near mutiny half way up Machen Mountain (Beaker being the ringleader "I've been pushing more than anybody!" was his feeble excuse.. You should get some gears on your bike). We headed for the Velvet Path.

Another quick descent and a fast ride to the Forge for a quick Newkie Brown and passive intaking of strange smelling smoke saw an end to another night's ride.

Jock's ride next week so bring your full face helmets and pads.

Dai (Eye)

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