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Captain Knottwit - At last, some intelligence

28th January 2009

The Forbidden Ride

HI YA GUYS, Daf’s ride, this is the ride that everyone was dreading as last years ride took us to a land far far away. So I had a lot to prove on this one, and had to convince some people to get out on their bikes and ride. (Plagiarising Mark’s report a bit)

So 14 riders set off with slug and lettuce joining us a bit later totalling to 16, I’d decided to ride towards the run and up on top of the viaduct, ride along the way until we got to waterloo. Up the lane (the boys were getting anxious at this point, thinking that this was going to be another lane ride, although) until we came up towards the maenllyd’s car park, and picked up along the Ridgeway. Along the way, Johnsy who has just recovered from being castrated had a mechanical which meant he had to turn back. (his bloody crank was falling off, sort it johns !)

We got up on top of Caerphilly mountain, towards the burger van/cabin thing, for a burger, though not open. Any way get on with the story, I’d done a bit of work through the single track section where trees had fallen over the track which needed cutting and making some small jumps out off. It was fast and flowing, although difficult in the dark to belt it. We crossed along a fire road which took us above van road and towards Rudry mountain which we rode up and down (obviously) not doing the middle section of the mt, we kept on the quick and easy section, as the drizzle was making the tracks increasingly slippery. (I think the guys were gagging for a pint in the Maen) So we ended in the Maen for a couple, much to my disbelief crock was on squash as he exerted himself with alcohol through the week and needed to detox.

We headed back through the woods along the main track, and I could feel the boys urging me to lead them down one of the single tracks down towards Rhydygwern lane, so we did with Gaz leading the way blasting down, Reggie having his first mechanical by clouting his rear mech off, though we all headed back to HQ contented with the ride.

Just a quick mention about the regrettable loss of Graham Minty, and how good it was to see a good number of the Moos at his funeral and the sending off at the Legion, along with 3-4 hundred people. He’ll be surely missed and not a person to forget about, he done a lot for sport in Machen and supported the Moos, deserving a mention on our ride report.

On a happier note its sports night next week, I think we’re playing American football? Get your shoulder pads out boys and see you nxt week.


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