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He's back, for one night only, the one, the only, the incredible Option and his Odes

23rd September 2009


Hi Guys, I thought I’d make some effort as none of you have any drive left at this time of year to put pen to paper. There hasn't been any reports nor merits since early summer.

There seems to be a lack of motivation from what was an excellent trip to Morzine, and had some of the most exhilarating moments of my life, (and most embarrassing, I shall not disclose some of my inner most secrets to some of you again!)

Also the Dolgellau trip was a success, an excellent choice of photos with plenty of scenic panoramic photos. I'd would have liked to have seen the street brawl with Newbury & Strawberry I heard they would have put Jackie Chan to shame.

The clunker ride has been postponed to a much further date to 14th Nov, Wales are playing Samoa on the 13th so we’ll have to not get to pis%%d the night before.

So generally the club has had some people come and go over the last 6 months. Some for the better, and others are most welcome to become long standing potential moos. You boys know what I'm getting at, and who I'm getting at.

So Andrew's ride who is a potential long standing moo, (so he can lead rides before even being an established moo). He choose a decent ride to suit everyone’s riding choice. Starting from (I cant remember where he started) I think up and in through the forestry. Choosing to go straight up the fire road, then through other forest trails etc etc. So then getting to the Royal Oak. Where I think we had a couple???? Then up the Ochyrwyth, and down the 'dewy' wet trails. (cold setting in the evenings) and down the carpet trail. Which I’m glad to see hasn't been chopped down, some departed there to go onto the Forge & Hammer for a cheeky one, and others went back up to do the front trail, which has been re-opened. So keeping it short and sweet, a good ride with lots of ups and downs nice one Andrew.

Next weeks ride will be taken by Roger (the young one with all his own limbs and body parts, oh yes and his own heart) another unconfirmed moo member, but hopefully will become a long-term member.

Hope the report has given you guys some potential reading, I am p###### writing it so might not make any sense.

See you all next week

Daf ( Teddy Rux Bin )

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