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A word from the doddering old fool...

18th November 2009

Velvet by Scrippsy

The Moos gathered yet again 69 riders set out, a quick detour via headquarters then onwards and upwards went the herd. Up velvet path the cry was heard 'Keep up' . The only Moo managing to 'Keep Up' was Schlong, annoying your leader with his constant front wheel shove up the rear wheel job, Only the unassuming likable chap called Harty, followed by the X captain Beaker, and Mr Hand Job Crock managed to pass your leader.

On the summit of Velvet whilst waiting for the rest of the Moos, vice captain Tom informed your leader that the 2009 Klunker champion was running late. The message went back, tell him to ride up the Quarry fields via the Royal Oak to meet the heard who would be coming in the opposite direction.

Onwards and upwards the Moos went slip sliding, getting a good soaking......., What timing!........the Moos met Gonzo (2009 Klunker champion) at the summit of Royal Oak climb. 'Turn around' he was told "What!" Only to see the Moos plummeting down to the Royal Oak for refreshments!

Mutiny, your leader is in shock! The early arrivals at the Oak, seeing an old fashion fire blazing, decided enough was enough and stayed drinking whilst the hardcore Moos carried on to the Forge. Well they know who they are, I only hope that they can sleep at night!

Back at headquarters after food Vice captain Tom announced the monthly awards

Rider to Month ......................Reg
Tw*t of the Month................Scrippsy

Tom then asked our resident compare.....Option to do a special award, this was based on a new rider having completed his 10 rides and the same riders shenanigans after the Klunker challenge! With Option doing his biblical speech and Peely singing salvation army songs, Jesus officially became a Moo and was welcomed to the herd. We look forward to seeing his mug shot on 'Meet the Moos'.

We wish him well and hope and prey he has many enjoyable hours of riding with Moos.

Bit of Gossip: Russ I said RUSS!!is being fitted with a new hearing aid apparently it sends vibrations from his brain to his inner ear increasing his hearing by 50%! so please no more shouting at Russ.

Now to the nitty gritty, with the now infamous Klunker challenge now part of Moo folk law and with the Xmas santa ride looming, I (Mr Scripps) has decided that you lot need some lessons, on the Highway Code........what is that !!!!! you lot are thinking, I rest my case!

You lot have not got a clue...............so with that I have taken time out and found this web site, which I would like each and every one of you to read, take in and carry it out!


As I won't be doing another Captains report this year, many thanks to Captain Knott and Vice Captain Tom for another cracking 2009 you pair did a brilliant job.

Lovely day.

Scrippsy xxxxxCaptain


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