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Captain Knottwit - At last, some intelligence

29th April 2009


Thankfully the rain held off for the start of Johnsy’s gaunt, numbers were high with 31 riders starting the night, missing in action were Slug & Lettuce, Dai the Eye, Ade, Berni and Tony Schlong instead it has been reported he was seen skateboarding testing his new five 10 shoes – don’t start getting any ideas Knotty!

New additions included Bag of Leaves Russ Evans – his first Moo ride in years, Crocketts new board and lodge pals from work and someone who goes to Martin Ashfields who rides a Kona – this guy is gonna give Lettuce a run for his money in his biking attire, watch this space Trinny and Susanna!

The ride started with a climb up Lewis Street across Cwm Fedw, over the brook and up the short sharp climb to the fire-track – the pace was good though Reg sounded like Darth Vader with his heavy breathing. A slight diversion over the tops of the tips was made where the majority of Moos made the end descent look easy – refusals included Captain Knotty, Scrippsy, Pealy and possibly Chrissie?

A short blast to the top of the mast was followed by the descent down old faithful with the rooty drop-off proving to be a big hit. A quick push up the hill and it was downhill all the way down to the Graig View garages – a descent enjoyed by all me thinks. Crocketts mate must have been going fast as he lost both arms off his jersey!

The riding numbers swelled to 32 with the addition of Dickie who joined the group for a run into the quarry and onto the Mean for refreshments – One pint led to another and after 3 we left for a Le-Mans style start down the main track albeit without Tom as he had to shoot off to attend a late night fiddle. The route took another casualty with Gaz taking a tumble and having a boff even before the TA Food! Only joking Sian, thanks again for a lovely spread... (Stop it Option)

A few more pints were then consumed, weekly awards are scheduled for next week and if any ones interested there’s a SUPER CIDER SUNDAY RIDE this weekend starting around 3ish, alternatively there’s a skateboarding five 10 ride that starts around 8.30 with the Hang Five 10 Shoe Gang!

Ring Ding Ding Ding Ding – CRAZY FROG JOHNSY...

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