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Crock talking guff...  blah... cr*p...

2nd December 2009

Last Report of 2009

Not present - out going Captain me, Mr Knott and Vice Mr Howells

Present was a strong cast of riders, consisting of -

· Next years Captain select, Mr Peal (spontaneously appointed ride leader)
· Vice Captain, and soon to be the thinnest club member, Mr Johns
· Fitness King and expert all round Rider and assistant route planner, Mr Gaz
· The thrill seeking, no challenge too big, Mr Bag of Leaves
· The super consistent and ever reliant 'red haired', Mr Crock
· Mr No terrain too tough for this teacher, Mr McAnus
· Former captain and King of climbing, Mr Owg
· Master of the Merits, Mr Ludlow
· Incline inspiration, Mr Hart
· Soars uphill like his nickname, Mr Kev the Plane
· That long standing Terror of the Trails, Mr Daf
· The Wonder of the Wheels (wonders where they have gone!) and past Rider of the Year, Mr Dickie

With such an outstanding array of talent on show, it was shame that the weather was against them once again, with talk of a quick dash around the lanes and into the pubs starting to resonate through the gang, an immediate decision was made to head to the woods to shelter from the downpour, and get the ride started.

Once in the woods it was clear that the ability of the riders would take over, and with the confidence that nothing was going to stop them, it was left off the main trail and into the single-track, where the skill of the herd was evident for all to see, in what was some of the worst conditions known to Moo's.

We want more went the chant and it was down an uncommon descent down the left side of the quarry, which was taken with great speed and endeavour.

Time to climb, went the call and it was up through the quarry, back to the top where the desire to show more skill and determination was evident as the riders headed down the quarry run, not wanting to miss out on the whole trail, they avoided the easy option and continued right to the quarry end.

Let's climb again, and they all headed back up the quarry like 'rats up a drainpipe'.

The fitness of these lads is amazing.

The thoughts of refreshments were briefly chastised and it was off to refresh our skills on the Carling Tree run.

No drop left un-ridden, as all made it down in one piece, no surprise really given the talent that was on show.

More climbing to the Maenllwyd, for some well earned Ale.

Not wanting to finish on a straight forward ride back to HQ, the riders set off for more single-track, descending down via Garlic and full on through to the main forestry path, crossing it to more downhill track and eventually finishing with a plunge down Broke Back'

HQ greeted us with Pie and Chips, where Dickie without fear or concern Ate all the pie's.

Crockett graced the boys with his presence at the table and chairs as none of his normal compatriots turned up as they do not possess his undoubted ability to have coped with such an awesome ride.

Kev and Russ had left the herd earlier to seek more challenging terrain Ð total respect to you lads, keep it up.

The talk of the night was whether this ride was the changing of the old guard, no attendances from The Schlong, Mr Scripps, Tom, Option, Berni, Ade, Beaker, Chrissy (who is he?), Captain & Vice - all considered respectable members of the club, where were they when the weather turned - poor show lads, they just could not have handed the ride.

As your outgoing captain I would like to thank Mr Peal for stepping up and leading the ride, Gaz for his trail knowledge and route guidance and for the rest of the riders who on such a bad night ensured that the Machen Miggly Moo Club philosophy continues no matter what.

I would also like to apologise on behalf of Vice and myself for such a poor showing with the ride reports and Merits this year and may I wish all the best to Pealy and Johnsy, and may I reiterate that ride reports should be shared, merits should be shared and a tail end Charlie should be appointed.

In fact I will appoint myself as the tail end Charlie as I know that given my lack of recent riding and commitment to the cause I will be trailing well behind come January.

My thanks for you all, for your support in 2009 and also thanks to Pealy for once again 'bailing me out' and writing this report.

That's All Folks

Mr Knott - Ex Captain

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