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Geoffs Gossip

2nd May 2012

A Blast from the Past

With the weekend’s Tornado blowing through South Wales the damage to our trails is catastrophic. The feedback from our keener weekend riders was that it’s like Hiroshima out there, so good luck with your ride choice.

With this in mind and the likelihood of a small turnout there were only two choices: Number 1: avoid any route with trees; Number 2: go straight to a pub and get very drunk.

Surprises would unravel. First 26 riders turned out, obviously due to my popularity! Included in the herd were my moo heroes ADE & STUNT C***, the latter for his first Wednesday ride of the year. The second surprise to the dismay of my certain riders was the pub we were heading for had a fair distance between us and it! The dismay got worse as we headed towards Cwm-Fedw. A slog on good days, upper velvet was very taxing but rideable. With Dave Bread-Arms also out on his first ride for a long while I was very impressed with his staying power up our first climb. I’m not sure if the Captain is losing his fitness due to his swelling belly or he was just looking after the rear end of the herd. Either way I fancy the crazy frog (Johnny 08) is on his way back. A short rest and with banter flowing we headed across the front of the mast dropping down to the right and onto the gravel path. Ade left with a puncture to his tubeless tyres. We used the lane Risca side which I haven’t ridden up for Donkey’s years all the way up to lower Turners cattle-grid. Here Dafney retired due to a rear mech hanger disaster on the climb to the rocky downhill.

Ex Vice-Cap punctured riding over some fly tipping and remembered that he’d forgotten a spare tube (T***). Taking the ride leads role properly I offered my spare tube and stayed until he was up and rolling. (Ken you owe me a tube). The herd went ahead aiming for the ZIG ZAGS. A small possie had gathered heading towards cow sh*t lane. After a brief conversation about the time, how thirsty they were and how the zig zags would be “muddy” they thought it best to head straight down. I did consider it but enforced ride leader’s authority and stuck with the original plan. Vice ludlow the leader of the would be mootiny realised how strong the clique is and followed behind with his tail between his legs.

Running as well as ever zig zags turned out to be a cracker. Racing/pushing/elbowing and poor riding ability made for an interesting downhill with ex vice-cap Tippy Toes bouncing down the last zag banking. Fair play to Budgie he did stop to help retrieve Slanty’s steed. A refreshing two pint stop at the Church House was rewarded with the best pint of beer in the County! Via the old pit, HQ was waiting for us. Sam’s Scran was excellent as always and the usual suspects left at an early hour after being treated with some Salsa dancing. Another good night had by all.

Sorry the report is a bit late but better late than never!

Honoured O.B.E

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