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Captain Johnsy's address

12th September 2012

Taffys Ride 12th September.

Believe it or not I’d thought long and hard on where to go for my first ride lead. Day had been sunny and dry and all looked well for my plan A, 'mountain mayhem'.

Plan B ‘ pi**ing down’ was straight to the forge and stay there.

Sure enough as the clock got to 18:45 and the first pedal stroke made to set off, the heavens opened and gushed about a month’s worth of rain in 10 minutes.

I still had hopes for Plan A though and pushed on, surely it must just be a quick shower. Half way up turners though plan B was looking like the way forward and I was close to aborting the mission.
However I underestimated the integrity and hardy nature of the 19 or so strong herd braving the elements. Not a negative word was said, no mention of mutiny or pub and to a man everyone seemed overjoyed when I suggested we push on with Plan A up to the Mast.

Swift half hour later we were at the top of the mast, top of the world! Rain had stopped, cracking sunset and things were looking up for the downhill.

Down to the bomb hole without incident and then the right hand track - Koala I think it’s called. A couple of nice drops and plenty of roots and stuff on this route for a bit of a grin. Lights on by now we picked up the front trail and mayhem down to the garages.

Seemed a bit early for the pub so full steam up through the forestry and more dark madness along the quarry run. This took us a bit too close to the Maen and the allure of beer was too strong, pulling us in like gypsies to a wedding.

After a couple of pints and mingling with the posh folk, who can afford to eat out on a school night, it was everyman to himself to HQ.

Sam had outdone herself with an amazing chickenless curry, she must have got the recipe from one of Jeff’s Linda McCartney cook books.

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