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Captain Johnsy's address

2nd January 2013

The Maiden Voyage

My first ride as Captain,I would like to thank the outgoing Captain Johnsy and the vices Beaker and Russ for their sterling work for 2012. They will be a hard act to follow.

Back to the ride 13 of us set off up Turners and im glad my brother (the slower/unfitter one) wasn’t riding as i was breathing out of my ar*e halfway up the lane, too many mince pies and eggnog me thinks.

After waiting ages at the top of Turners for Feather to arrive (apparently hed bored his own legs to sleep on the way up Turners, the poor things were the only ones in range of his witty anecdotes) we descended the rocky path that runs adjacent to Owens farm. This is where I encountered my first mechanical of 2013 single chainguide was showing signs of abuse and felt happy to spit off the chain at regular intervals. New boy Carl stopped to see what all the kerfuffle was about and I no doubt impressed him with my mechanicory prowess.

We rode majestically onto the mast which was shrouded in fog giving limited visibility, before descending from the trig point to the start of the front trail.

Watching Moos spinning off in front of me in the worse than ice like conditions gave me a warm feeling inside,I overtook a couple of fallen moos and felt like I was Danny Hart on his 2011 Championship winning downhill run. It was short-lived though, I got cocky upped my speed and ended up in a gorse bush.

The start of the front trail was quickly undertaken, but a Jet ski would have been a better steed for the conditions. To many Johnny Foreigners on their tractoresque downhill rigs churning up the trails me thinks (apparently all close friends of Gaz :o) ).

Due to these poor conditions of the trail we switched to the zig zag trail that starts adjacent to Nasty, i wanted to do Nasty but Budgie said it might damage his winter plumage. This trail was in much better shape and was actually good fun to ride, I was all prepared to carry onto the forestry to tackle the Quarry run as I didn’t want to stop riding I was enjoying myself so much. But the draw of the Forge was too much so we supped a few swifties from Pams watering hole.

Then onto the TA where my chain guide finally gave up the ghost and launched itself across the road, hopefully Dode or Johnsy will be able to fix it for me. I pushed my bike the final few yards to the TA where a cracking curry was enjoyed by all. A few more pints before going home to dream of summer nights filled with dry unspoilt trails.

Happy Days.

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