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Captain Johnsy's address

7th January 2015

Happy new year moos, hope you all enjoyed the festive break?
First ride back is always a bit of a slog, especially for us fatties!
Well, it was a good turn out considering the conditions, 15 strong headed off into the dark, wet night.
Up through the woods on the south side of the village as the north would of started a mutiny from the start from a few I'm sure. A little bit of tweaking needed from Mr Bern to get him to the top (poor maintenance I think).  
A quick re-group and off down Strongbow for a slippery ,slidey but gentle decent. Tree down towards the bottom but easily negotiated without mishap.
        Up the lane towards the Maen where we took a left down the short cut to the dip, around the lane to the back entrance of the woods where I then discovered we were a few moos down (should of guessed).
Less than 45 mins into the ride and we were too close to the pub for some not to pass. Newbs (instigator), Clarkey and Geoff (never far behind Newbs) and Kirem who was led astray totally oblivious to the split. (he will learn).
         The rest of us headed up to the top of the woods and a lovely muddy, wet decent down to the stream which some of us enjoyed and some not. A quick pinch puncture repair by Khalid and we headed off to the Maen to join the mutineers for a beer. I was then bombarded by the Mutineers with the usual bull sh.,t as to why they lost us (didn't wash!)  Good few beers had by all and a chance to dry out a little, but not much!
   Back to the club for a scoff and a few more beers which only 9 made it to the end.  Not a good night for a ride to start the year, I'm sure there will be many good ones ahead from you all.
  Thanks lads and see you Wednesday,
Capt Russ !!!


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