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Captain Johnsy's address

8th April 2005

Kirems ride report – 8/4/15

'The Redeemer'

Another Wednesday, but this Wednesday was a first for me as a guide and at least there was a good turnout.

I'm duly honoured to welcome the new bloke - Gavin (fill in last name if known)

Right, onto the ride. This particular Wednesday turned out to be dry and surprisingly dusty in places. I'd been out the night before where the conditions were very similar. I was looking to follow the route I'd planned in my head over the last few days. I tried to take on board comments that I'd overheard about long up hill climbs without any downhill bounty so I decided short up hills with maximum downhill effect. I was going for c#$t of the month or even year but I'd been told that no matter what I did there was only one person for that role.

Across the bridge and up to the top of the fire road and waited for everyone to gather. Then a short loop down the trail parallel to the fire road to, where the night before, I'd spotted what I thought would be an epic gully ride that lead back to the fire road. After the disappointment, I realised that trail building is harder than I thought - it's more than laying out a few twigs on forest floor it seems. I don't think that the boys were as impressed as I was. Anyway, back up the fire road and left in search of what I now know to be 'Mossy'. 'Mossy' turned out to be little harder to find than I thought and we found ourselves on 'Garlic 2'. Apparently, there was a single casualty - Simon - couldn't have been fatal since he was seen in the pub afterwards. Garlic 2, just like it's name same only twice as good.

At the bottom we went along into Draethen and up 'Turkey Buster'. At this point I was expecting some kind of dissent and Simon commented that 'words would be had at the top', Croquette said 'the boys aren't gonna like this!' as they cruised past me. Surprisingly, everyone got to the top and I was unscathed. Feather took the lead down 'Carling' to the quarry entrance.
Then the customary 'Quarry Run', fast rolling and as good as you dare to make it.  The night ride wasn't over even though we neared the event horizon of a public house. Shouts were heard ... Let's try the 'Drop of Death'. Short ride later up through the car park to the top of the fire road. I pondered the ill fated 'Drop of Death' while Feather cried 'What's everyone waiting for' and dropped into oblivion. My turn. Lack of skill resulted in going over the handle bars, managed to stop only to see the new bloke Gavin going arse over tit. At the bottom, back up the hill to the right and took the single track down into the Maenllwyd car park.

Everyone went to the pub for a deserved pint.