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Captain Johnsy's address

10th June 2015


Ride Report
3 things you need to take a ride:
1 Preparation
2 Preparation
3 Preparation

All of which I had none so after sliding into the Leaders Pants and having a very brief thought about whether to do my usual cross country type of ride It was all go and up into the woods to ride some of the more common trails with a few descents thrown in.
Obviously this was doomed to fail as I was just winging it and after the Singlespeed Queers decided to rush off for some impromptu man loving we were down to about half our original numbers.               This group headed off to Garlic where after a sweet dry descent onto the lane it looked like for a while that we down to just 3 riders ! This was not turning out well !
It turned out that one of the new riders, Olly, had used the barbed wire fence as a break with the fence coming off best. Lucky for Olly his glasses deflected cut and only his cheek and lip had a new feature.
After regrouping outside the Hollybush it was off for a gentle climb all the way to Lisvane woods via the lower section of Ruperra .
A quick blast down to the steam and onto the Meanllwyd where we picked up two late comers  and we all enjoyed a beverage or two before heading off for the newly re-opened back trail where Jon Pitman had a refusal over the bridge and the second new rider, Matt, ripped his rear mech off.
It was all back to the club for funny bread and pasty sandwiches.
Al in all a shit ride although at least the new boys got a taste of things to come!!