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Captain Johnsy's address

11th February 2015

Wednesday evening started with the usual 5 o’clock pre ride turners check “Griff, I might be running late which way are you heading mate” from you know who

The conditions were excellent for the time of year, we haven’t had rain for a few weeks so the trails would be good, After last weeks epic around caerphilly mountain thought I’d stay local, so with a cracking turnout of 18 riders we headed out taking a short cut off Rhyd Y Wern lane for a gentle little plod up to the back firetrack, bit of a delay where last years cap had a mechanical with more rear mech problems, Id get a bulk order in Jock.

A short climb around the first section of woods, we dropped back down the track and into the jumps through the woods, don’t think anyone attempted the big one and I found Feather having a lay down with his bike somehow facing backwards on the gap jump.

After another minor mechanical from this years captain we headed back up to the top of the woods, the next descent, was a choice between Garlic 2 and Rudry boys trail I was hoping to get Garlic 2 in later so I went for Rudry boys trail first think there were a few different routes taken down that one but everyone somehow ended up in the same place.

With Russ on mutiny watch we managed to get everyone past the hollybush climbing back up to the car park for a quick little run down strongbow, all done safe we climbed back up through the quarry through the leap of faith fence which they have made so much safer for us - think I’ll be finding a new way up in daylight.

I was going to do Garlic 2 then but as time was getting on and a certain mutiny if hadn’t headed for the nearest pub we did the short little section through the woods around the mineshafts and into the Maenllwyd for a few well earned pints.

After a few beers we headed around the back track, got lost a bit, refound the main track, into the new final section and back to the Rugby club for a nightcap a few well dodgy pasties (come back Jonny A), Glanmor’s finest bread, and caught up on Jocks latest cultural videos - man how do you find that stuff and why???.

Newbs ride next week so expect a pub or two, bring an extra couple of quid or maybe Crocky will  treat us to the first round after his windfall in work last week!!!