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Captain Johnsy's address

15th April 2015

Beakers 1990’s song title related ride report – 15/4/1

Not to be outdone by Gaz and his 1980’s inspired ride report I have picked an era that some of you may remember better…..see how many you can find to keep you interested cos there ain’t no doubt the report will be shit.
Last Wednesday some might say it was a perfect day for a mountainbiking and the pressure was on to do a half decent ride without my usual mutiny from the Fatties. My plan was:

  • 5 good descents – including 1 new one – no matter what
  • Not too much climbing
  • No lights required
  • No mutinies
  • Back to Rugby Club by 8:30 and stay until late

Approximately 20 Moos set off from the Legion and headed up the woods for the first 2 descents, including part of the Strongbow trail and Ade’s trail down to the Rhyd Y Gwern lane. The trail was in perfect condition and everyone seemed to get down in good time without any crashes, mechanicals or losing too much time.
It still wasn’t even seven firty and we had no mutinies as we passed by the Hairy Bush pub (possibly due to the sh*t beer and prices) and headed up the hill to the Ochrwyth woods where there were 2 more descents including a new one I had found the previous day.
The new trail proved to be an entertaining rollercoaster especially for those at the bottom watching the other do the last steep drop into a sharp left hander. The one and only Crock, as usual, was giving the boys encouragement and points have got to go to Wob Newbly for staying in control of his bike even though his forks had completely blown through their travel at the top of the drop due to his executive belly. As usual Jock made the drop look easy hitting the inside line and everyone else seemed to get down without any major crashes, although some did have to think twice about the final drop, which was slightly disappointing….. it would probably be a different story in the winter though.
We finished off in the Ochrwyth woods with the final part the Mojo trail before climbing back up the roadway before heading to the top of the new Quarry run. The quarry run was started from the very top with steep drop in and was completed by all Moos without the need for lights. That was the end of the road, although we could have done a little bit more,  so we headed back to the rugby club and arrived just after 9pm missing the setting sun for the usual pasties and beer that were consumed for the first time this year out on the front patio area.

There are 15 song titles hidden in this report.