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Captain Johnsy's address

28th January 2015

Eleven Moosbraved the cold night and waited for his Royal highness to turn up.
When the Ginger Royal finally arrived, we headed for the warmth of the woods and took a right at the fork, only to be met by a hundred yard swamp.
Once we completed the quagmire, it was up to the top of the forestry to then ride Ades new cross country trail, which comes out at the top of Garlic.
It was then on to Gaz’s new trail. This brought a few smiles to those pretty faces after going down some pretty steep bankings.
Once everybody was down safely, it was on to the quarry climb next with a few negative sighs from the back. (what's the matter with you mun… get on with it !)
It was at the top of the quarry that a small twig decided to take out the mighty Nukeproof and stop it in its tracks, so with my rear mech dragging on the floor it was a long and scary walk down through the woods to the club for first takings on the “PCC freebies”. (for a change)

As for the others, I can't tell you what they got up to next, as I wasn't there.

Over and out..

Ex Capt. Greatlaugh