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The Famous Drop of Death

Watch the ginger whippet shred the gnarl
The Captain showing the clan how it's done
Nick descending like a swooping owl on crack

Crock 18/08/05 (5.0Mb)


Owgie 18/08/05 (5.8Mb)


Nick Brain 18/08/05 (4.5Mb)


After a nice unwanted rolling endo, Marty nails the D of D
Now thats how it's done (breaking a leg that is!)
Dickie does the deed as smooth as boddingtons

Marty 18/08/05 (7.8Mb)


Dai the Eye 18/08/05 (6.5Mb)


Dickie 18/08/05 (8.0Mb)


John the Goon showing that the Goons are as mad as the Moos
Ross  - style and grace on the face from hell

John Paragoon 18/08/05 (6.1Mb)


A Paragoon 18/08/05 (6.4Mb)


Ross Paragoon 18/08/05 (7.6Mb)


Curly showing excellent control although he can't see where he's going apparently!
Next time leave the saddle in!
Owen Zig Zagging his way down

Curly Paragoon 18/08/05 (6.0Mb)


Hoppo Paragoon 18/08/05 (7.0Mb)


Owen 18/08/05 (7.0Mb)


The old fella showing his Goon friends that he is well 'ard!
Shops first time down this monster and nails it with style
Stephan wins the award for the quickest descent! Note the near take off at the end

Scrippsy 18/08/05 (6.5Mb)


Dai Shop 18/08/05 (8.2Mb)


Stephan 18/08/05 (6.3Mb)


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