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Moo Mail

Proof that money is not the key to happiness but it sure is nice.

Yesterday while picking up my Moo's shirt from FedEx in a rather nice neighborhood in Beverly Hills, I was parked on the side of a house making phone calls and a 40 something year old beauty pulled along side and was screaming at the top of her lungs at her male companion in the passenger seat. She had tears and mascara rolling off her brow and was screaming loud enough to wake Skrippsy up after a Wednesday night out on the P**s with Miggly Moo's.

They stopped at a stop sign within 10 feet from me as I listened in to the conversation. With windows down, a soft quiet ambiance, and the sweet smell of colitas rising up through the air (Eagles song!), I began to decipher her rage induced rhetorical banter. Continuing on and on how unhappy she was and that she had no idea what she was going to do with her life and how bad things really are. Obviously her male companion in the passenger seat felt the same way as I did as niether one of us had any suggestions or comments to ease her weary soul. So we continued to listen with an open ear. As she continued, she disclosed information and details that would ruffle Larry Flints feathers. By now it's getting interesting. I felt bad to be a part of such great conversation from such great distance but I'm like any other Joe square, this is f**king great!!!!

This poor woman had many issues to resolve in her poor pathetic life and for some reason I wanted to lend a hand and give comfort to help reconcile her many problems. There was a large space in my heart that yearned to help this woman out. To help rectify this aweful pain and suffering that she has undergone. It was obvious that this woman was truly unhappy and needed some guidance, thus proving, at least to me, that money is not the key to happiness.





Newport Beach


P.S. Scrippsy Or Larry (What ever your called now!!! I got the Miggly Moos cycle shirt through the post mate, it's Great boy!!!!

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