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Moo Mail

Cheers mucker you have been responsible for a great deal of entertainment this morning.

First of all the organ(skrippsy) was asleep in the car in the car park, he then emerged, staggered about and collapsed back onto the seat with his head in his hands.

I went to see him, banging on the roof as you do and I've seen more colour in a corpse!!!

Eventually he staggered into work and at the second attempt made it past the swipe door.

He then spent half an hour trying in vain to log onto his computer, it was funny as f**k and my sides ache from laughing.

He is currently comatose in the corner and is of no use to man or beast.

I hope you gave his missus a good beasting before you left, it's about time she had a real man!!!!

Good effort mate & see you soon.


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