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Moos that have hung up their Steads


Bread Arms


One Fork


One Fork


Dai Shop

Bread Arms - David Harris

Born: 18/06/70

Likes: Yeti's

Dislikes: Crocket

One Fork - Nigel Bull

Likes: The Bench On The Cycle Track

Dislikes: Double Forks

Kev the Gallon - Kevin Morgan

Likes: Peanuts

Dislikes: Hills


Dai Ex-Shoppe - David Price

Born: 11/07/76

Likes: Helmet Lights/ Saying 'Ayyyeee'

Dislikes: Fixing Scrippsy's Bike








Every Little Helps

Enzo - Richard Garner

Born: 24/05/83

Likes: God and drinking pints quicker than Tom

Dislikes: The life of Brian

Blip - Kevin Piddington

Born: 17/06/67

Likes: Oral Sex

Dislikes: His Bottom Lip

Gypo - Jason Jones

Born: 10/08/76

Likes: Being a Gypo

Dislikes: Being told to "Move on" by the council

Every Little Helps - Paul Hughes

Born: 07/10/68

Likes: Helmet Cams

Dislikes: Getting the Full Sus Dirty






Steve 2



Moonpig - Manon Carpenter

UCI DH World Cup Junior Female Series Winner 2010

Born: 11/03/93

Likes: Tequila Slammers

Dislikes: Exams

Boaksey - Alex Boakes

Born: 20/10/71

Likes: Plangonologists

Dislikes: Cross dressing

Steve 2 - Steve Wilkes

Born: 06/10/62

Likes: Painting in Water Colours/ Parachute rolls over the Handlebars/ Strongbow

Dislikes: Scuba Diving / Talking

Steff - Steffan Johnson

Likes: Picasso Paintings

Dislikes: Bruising Like a Girl


Captain Strongbow






Nick Brain

Captain Strongbow - Chris Carless

Born: 09/05/76

Likes: Dolly Parton

Dislikes: Women who eat faster than him

Dez - Andrew Matthews

Likes: Burping

Dislikes: Riding His Bike

8 Inch Dave - Dave Buchanan

Born: 14/01/70

Likes: Talking Foreign

Dislikes: Riding for less than 24 hours

Nick - Nick Brain

Born: 21/05/74

Likes: Falling off on New Trails

Dislikes: Following Dez/ Riding with the Moos!


Jas the Case-a-Sauns







Jas the Case-a-Sauns - Jason Carpenter

Born: 06/11/68

Likes: Hibernation

Dislikes: Getting out of bed in the morning

Slug - Darren Jones

Born: 12/03/68

Likes: Crockett

Dislikes: Polish Thugs

Pellet - Dean Jones

Born: 03/04/70

Likes: Crockett's Breath

Dislikes: Designer Bike Clothing

Knobhead - Ryan Parfitt

Born: 14/05/88

Likes: Setting up Curbs

Dislikes: Trying to pee straight




Tony 3




Bread Arms

Suggers - Roger Purnell

Born: 23/09/85

Likes: Climbing big Rocks

Dislikes: Downhills

Tony 2 - Anthony Evans

Born: 07/03/71

Likes: The 'orrible Ant

Dislikes: Being called Tony

Norris 9 Names - Owen Richards

Born: 29/12/75

Likes: Sunshine & Water

Dislikes: Slugs

The Boy - Lewis Bignell

Born: 23/03/94

Likes: Building his leg muscles up in the shower

Dislikes: His parents catching him building his leg muscles up in the shower


Kev the Plane



Le Frog


Half Pint Farquar

Kev the Plane- Kevin Holder

Born: 24/03/67

Likes: Screaming on Drops

Dislikes: Pesto 'Stuff' & other Exotic Foodstuf

Hedd - Hedd Owen

Born: 06/08/1979

Sadly Departed: 05/11/13

Dearly missed by all his friends




Le Frog - Tomas Cherblanc

Nationality : French

Born: 20/04/1987

Likes: Projectile Vomiting

Dislikes: Thomas Voeckler

Half Pint Farquar - Roger Colling-Morgan

Born: 12/02/65

Likes: Enjoying his midlife crisis

Dislikes: Being old enough to enjoy his midlife cr







Ryan The Steam

Sniffer - Miles Saunders

Born: 27/03/1990

Likes: Sniffing Knickers

Dislikes: Getting caught sniffing Knickers


Lurch - Sam Osborne

Born: 25/02/75

Likes: Low Ceilings

Dislikes: Dwarfs



Jesus - Dave Barnes

Born: 17/07/74

Likes: Pepper

Dislikes: Window Panes

Tony Schlong - Anthony Ryan

Born: 06/07/62

Likes: Punching People in the Whiskers

Dislikes: Dictionaries

Jimmy Mac

Kebab - Richard Baxter

Born: 13/03/1977

Likes: Ron Howells Daughter

Dislikes: Ron Howells Sons!!

Dickie - Richard Watkins

Born: 22/02/78

Likes: Summer Dresses & Ice Cream

Dislikes: His Brothers Good Looks

Wrighty - Jon Wright

Likes: Falling Off in dramatic style

Dislikes: Bike Repairs

Jim - James McManus

Born: 12/06/71

Likes: eBay

Dislikes: Buying New Components


Russ - Russel Ludlow

Born: 23/01/61

Likes: Garlic Lane

Dislikes: Monday Mornings

Guest Rider - Simon

From: Sargans, Switzerland

Born: Yes

Likes: Body Armour

Guest Rider - Denzil

From: Newport Beach, California

Likes: Breast implants

Dislikes: Americans

Knotty - Steve Knott

Born: 18/01/62

Likes: Obese Women

Dislikes: Lopins (a type of flower!)

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