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Merry Christmas! Christmas Ride 2003 Merry Christmas!


Christmas Crew


Ouch - Hartys hurt

Letter submitted and published by MBR as 'Letter of the Month' - March '04


Happy New Year to you All. As the first captain of the 'Machen Miggly Moos Mountain Bike Club' I'm afraid one of my first duties is to pick a bone with you guys. 'Get Out and Ride' so your motto goes, does it not? So, on your suggestion we decided to organise an inaugural Bike Club Christmas Night Ride.' The consensus was to go fancy dress, so all dressed in Father Xmas outfits we set out, with Owain, the 'ginger racing whippet' blasting out carols from a CD player (with obligatory microphone attached) strung to his back. We picked a nice circuit, the first section off-road, then a good stretch through lanes that would accommodate the type of hostelries that need to be visited during this festive time of year.

Well, we rode around the first 5 establishments and all was going swingingly, even last-week Xmas shoppers returning from the fray were glad to give us a beep while passing in their present-laden cars. Then, whilst enjoying the company in the next hostelry, it dawned on us the we had to endure a longer stretch to the next pub rather than the 'couple of hundred yards' that we had become accustomed, by way of the last three. Admittedly it is only four miles, but what with the previous 'socialising' and a 'brutal' headwind, we were all glad to reach The Royal Oak, the next establishment on our run. This is the point at which, for one of the lads things started to go for want of a better phrase 'tits up'. In his wisdom, and fuelled by a little Christmas spirit and the fact that we only had a short distance to get to our 'home' pub, and food! he decided to attempt a dubious set of double steps far too quickly. The result of his efforts are enclosed. Quote: 'All I was doing was 'getting out to ride'. Well that's what he said to his wife anyway! So, by my estimation (and my fellow club riders), I reckon you owe our member (Steve Hart (Later to be crowned 'Downhiller of the Year')) at the very least a new lid (& possibly a set of body armour?).

All we were doing were following your instructions, after all.

All the best for 2004.

Gordon Thornton

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