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Meet the Moos


The Captain - Owgie -Mark Howells

Born: 06/10/68

Likes: His Skinny Legs

Dislikes: The Fact That He Has No Ar*e

Vice Captain - Matt Bellamy

Born: XX/XX/XX

Likes: TBA

Dislikes: TBA




Bag Of Leaves




Gaz - Gareth Williams

Born: 11/03/71

Likes: Being 1st Uphill

Dislikes: Beaker Beats Him Uph

Bag of Leaves - Russell Evans

Born: 02/07/72

Likes: Horses

Dislikes: Losing His Hair

Khalid Rahmani

Born: 07/08/77

Likes: T*ts and Ar*e, is there anything else!!

Dislikes: The Price of Peroni in the Maenllwy

Feather - Mark Turner

Born: 16/10/62

Likes: Doing the 'Shake a Tail Feather' Dance

Dislikes: Buttons








Jock - Jon Greenhaf

Born: 14/07/69

Likes: Downhills

Dislikes: SPD's

Tiptoes - Rob Newbury

Born: 07/11/71

Likes: Chinese Food

Dislikes: Girls who fart

Crock - Owain Crockett

Born: 15/10/71

Likes: Being Obnoxious

Dislikes: Manky Feet

Griff - Andrew Griffiths

Born: 21/07/66

Likes: Audrey Hepburn

Dislikes: Heights









Pealy - Neil Williams

Born: 14/12/70

Likes: Arctophile or Arctophilist

Dislikes: To dive at 5

Johnsy Jonathan Johns

Born: 31/05/72

Likes: Darts

Dislikes: Garlic Lane

El Presidente'

Scrippsy - Gordon Thornton

Born: 26/01/1904

Likes: Biffins Bridge

Dislikes: Dogs

Beaker - Jeff Wherlock

World Singlespeed Champion

Born: 28/09/67

Likes: Mending Bikes & Swearing

Dislikes: Gears











Chrissie - Chris Watkins

Born: 17/04/80

Likes: His Dad

Dislikes: Sharing Him With His Brother

Fitman - Jonathan Pitman

Born: 03/02/71

Likes: Eyebrows

Dislikes: Strimmers, Tweezers, Immac

Posh Boy - Toby Jeffery

Born: 07/02/77

Likes: Civilised Conversation

Dislikes: Lurid Banter (makes me blush)

Taffy - Simon Williams

Born: 13/03/1970

Likes: Lap Dancing Clubs

Dislikes: Carol Vordermans backside









Ade - Chris Ames

Born: 22/12/73

Likes: Darts, Sheds & Pumpkins

Dislikes: Riding in the rain

Tom - Phil Howells

Born: 20/04/72

Likes: Any Animal He Can Kill & Eat

Dislikes: DSS Benefit Scroungers

O.B.E - Geoff Davies

Born: 11/05/74

Likes: Telescopes

Dislikes: Binoculars

Reg - Richard Pitman

Born: 23/03/67

Likes: Donkeys

Dislikes: Ironing, Dusting & Washing the Dishes whilst wearing a Pinny!









Daf - Dafydd Williams

Born: 15/05/81

Likes: Cuddly Toys, Sheep & Marty Feldman films

Dislikes: Using straight jackets

Clarkey - Simon Clarke

Born: 14/07/68

Likes: Cider Sunday

Dislikes: Cider

Bernaard - Nick Berni

Born: 27/12/78

Likes: Massive Breasts

Dislikes: Comments About His Bum

Budgie - Stephen Burridge

Born: 20/02/76

Likes: Mirrors and Trill

Dislikes: Cats





Sh*g Nasty



Option - Rob James

Born: 02/01/73

Likes: A Clean Bike

Dislikes: Spitting

Adamant - Adam Sambrook

Born: ??

Likes: Feeling Rosie

Dislikes: Not being Welsh

Sh*g Nasty - James Shaughnessy

Born: 05/04/79

Likes: Mirrors

Dislikes: Clinkers & Skidmarks

Dai the Eye - Dave Morgan

Born: 15/11/63

Likes: Crashing Into Owgie

Dislikes: Wire Fences





Big Mike



Craig David - Kirem Rahmani

Born: 26/12/1974

Likes: Receiving

Dislikes: Giving

Jules - Julian Raymond

Born: 08/04/94

Likes: Downhills

Dislikes; Uphills

Big Mike - Mike Davies

Born: 19/03/64

Likes: Cider

Dislikes: Getting up for a pee

Dode - Jonathon George

Born: 14/04/71

Likes: Getting lost

Dislikes: Chopper Rotor Bearings








Mr Angry (AKA PCC) -Jonny Allsopp

Born: 14/12/71

Likes: Other People's Wives

Dislikes: Counting Pies

Marty - Martyn Roberts

Born: 24/12/72

Likes: Hope Jewellery

Dislikes: Drinking Shandy

Harty - Steve Hart

Born: 11/10/73

Likes: Riding With His Ar*e Touching the Back Tyre

Dislikes: The Oak Steps






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